Viajantes Anglófonos em Portugal - Séculos XVIII e XIX

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A change of climate MADDEN, R. R. 1864 Londres
A concise and accurate account of the preedings [sic] of the squadron O' NEIL, Thomas 1808 Londres
A Description of the Azores or Western Islands BOYD, Edward 1834 Londres, Brul and Churton
A description of the Island of St. Michel WEBSTER, J. W. 1821 Boston, R. P. & C. Williams
A family tour round the coast of Spain and Portugal DUNBAR 1862 Edinburgh e Londres, William Blackwood
A General View of the State of Portugal MURPHY, James 1798 Londres, T. Cadell Jun. and W. Davies
A guide to Madeira with an account of the climate ADAMS 1801 Londres
A handbook for travellers in Portugal [NEALE, John Mason] 1855 Londres, John Murray
A journal of a three months' tour in Portugal, Spain and Africa VANE, Frances Anne 1843 Londres, J. Mitchell
A journal of the campaign in Portugal and Spain MACKINNON, Henry 1812 Londres, Charles Duffield
A Journey from London to Genova through England, Portugal, Spain and France BARETTI, Joseph 1770 Londres, T. Davies
A month in Portugal OLDKNOW, Joseph 1855 Londres, Longman & Co.
A narrative of the naval part of the expedition to Portugal MINS, Peter 1833 Londres, Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper
A Picture of Lisbon Anónimo 1809 Londres, Henry Colburn
A short account of the view of Lisbon Anónimo 1812 Londres, J. Adlard
A Sketch of Madeira containing information for the travellers or invalid visitor HARCOURT, Edward Vernon 1851 Londres, John Murray
A Sketch of the City of Lisbon, and its environs FISHER, R. B. 1811 Londres, J. Hidgway
A statistical and geographical survey of Spain and Portugal Anónimo 1808 Londres, John Fairburn
A steam voyage to Constantinople VANE, C. W. 1842 Londres, Henry Colburn
A steam voyage to Constantinople VANE, Charles William 1842 Londres, Henry Colburn
A Tour through Spain and Portugal, & c. RHYS, Udal of 1760 [MDCCLX] Londres, T. Lownds
A tour through the principal provinces of Spain and Portugal Anónimo 1806 Londres
A Treatise on the climate and metereology of Madeira MASON, J. A. 1850 Londres, John Churchill Liverpool: Deigton and Laughton
A treatise on the defence of Portugal ELIOT, William Granville 1810 Londres, T. Egerton
A visit to Portugal and Madeira WORTLEY, Emanueline Stuart 1854 Londres, Chapman and Hall
A Voyage to Cadiz and Gibraltar COUBOURN 1815 Londres
A voyage to the Islands, Madera, Barbados, Nieves, St. Christopher's and Jamaica SLOANE, Hans 1707 Londres
A Wayfarer in Portugal MARDEN, Philip Sanford 1927 Londres, Methuen & Co. Lda.
A Winter in Madeira and a Summer in Spain and Florence DIX, Jarn A. s.d. s.l.
A Winter in the Azores BULLAR, Joseph 1841 Londres, John Van Voorst
A year in Portugal (1889-1890) LORING, George Bailey 1891 Londres e Nova York, G. P. Putman's Sons
Account of the most remarkable places and curiosities in Spain and Portugal Anónimo 1749 Londres
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, in the Peninsula, France and the Netherlands, from 1809 to 1815 KINCAID, John 1830 Londres, T. and W. Boone
Afoot in Portugal GIBBONS, John 1933 Londres, George Newnes
Alenquer e o seu concelho HENRY, William John Charles 1846 Londres
An account of Portugal as it appeared in 1766 to Dumouriez Anónimo 1798 Londres, C. Law, Ave Maria Lane, J. Debrett, Piccadilly and Elph. Balfour
An account of the city of Lisbon Anónimo 1756 [MDCCLVI] Dublin James Hoey
An account of the war in Portugal between D. Pedro and D. Miguel NAPIER, Charles 1836 Londres, T. & W. Boone
An historical sketch of the island of Madeira Anónimo s.d. s.l.
An itinerary of Spain and Portugal RICHARD, M. 1820 Londres, Samuel Leigh
An overland journey to Lisbon at the close of 1846 HUGHES, T. M. 1847 [MDCCCXLVII] Londres, Henry Colburn
Authentick letter to his friends in London HUGHE, Joseph 1759 Londres
Brazil; the river plate and the falkland Ireland, etc... HADFIELD, William 1854 Londres, Longman, Brown, Green ang Longmans
Camp and Quarters PATTERSON, John 1840 Londres, Saunders and Otley
Costume of Portugal L' ÉVÊQUE, Henry 1814 Londres, Colnaghi
Diary of cavalry officer TOMKINSON, William 1894 Londres, Swan Sonnenschein
Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo during the Autumn of 1823 BOWDICH, Thomas Edward 1824 Londres
Excursions near Lisbon Anónimo
Fair Lusitania JACKSON, Catherine Charlotte 1874 Londres, Richard Bentley and Son
Fair Lusitania Catherine Charlote Jackson 1874 Londres, Richard Bentley and Son
Here and there in Portugal OWEN, Hugh 1856 Londres, Bell & Daldy
Hill of Camalva Anónimo s.d. s.l.
Hints to travellers in search of the beautiful and grand in Portugal Anónimo s.d. Londres
Historic Sketches of Spain and Portugal Anónimo 1835 Londres
Historical Memoirs of my Own Time WRAXALL, Nathaniel William 1815 Londres, T. Cadell and W. Davies
Historical Memoirs of My Own Time WRAXALL, Nathaniel William 1815 Londres, T. Cadell and W. Davies
Historical, Military, and Picturesque Observations on Portugal LANDMANN, George 1818 Londres, T. Cadell and W. Davies
History of the war in the Peninsula and in the South of France NAPIER, William Francis Patrick 1860 Londres, Thomas and William Boone
Hither and thither, or sketches of travel on both sides of the Atlantic FOWLER, Reginald [B.L., 1854] Londres
Illustrated Hand-Book to Spain and Portugal BRADSHAW' S 18- Londres, W. J. Adams
Italy; with sketches of Spain and Portugal BECKFORD, William 1834 Londres, Richard Bentley
Jardine's Letters from Barbary, France, Spain, Portugal, etc. JARDINE MDCCXC (1790) Londres, T. Cadell
Jennings's Landscape, our Tourist in Portugal HARRISON, W. H. 1839 Londres, Robert Jennings
Journal of a few months' residence in Portugal WORDSWORTH, Dora 1895 Londres e New York, Longmans, Green, and Co.
Journal of a regimental officer during the recent campaign in Portugal and Spain under Lord Viscount Wellington [HAWKER, P.] 1810 Londres
Journal of a soldier of the seventy-first Regiment, highland light infantry, from 1806 to 1815 Anónimo 1822 Edinburgh, William & Charles Tait, Adam Black, G. & W. B. Whittaker and J. Brash & Co.
Journal of a visit to Madeira and Portugal 1853-1845 / FRANÇA, Isabella de 1970 Funchal, Junta Geral do Distrito
Journal of a voyage to Lisbon by the late Henry Fielding FIELDING, Henry 1755 Londres
Journal of Researches into the various countries visited by Beagle DARWIN, Charles 1840 (segundo Bernardes Branco, vol. I, n.º 323, p. 288) Londres
Letters from Madeira in 1834 DRIVER, John 1838 Londres, Longman & Co.
Letters from Portugal and Spain NEALE, Adam 1809 Londres, Richard Phillips
Letters from Portugal and Spain [PORTER, Robert Ker] 1809 Londres
Letters from Portugal on the late and present state at that kingdom Anónimo s.d. Londres
Letters from Portugal, Spain and France Anónimo 1819 Edinburgh, Michael Anderson
Letters from Portugal, Spain and Germany in the years 1759-61 HERVEY, Christopher 1785 Londres, F. Faulder
Letters from Portugal, Spain, France written during the campaigns of 1812, 1813 & 1814, addressed to a friend in England: BROUGHTON, Samuel Daniel 1815 Londres, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown
Letters from the Peninsula, 1808 - 1812 WARRE, William 1909 Londres, Rev. Edmond Warre, D.D., C.B., M.V.O., his nephew
Letters in Spain and Portugal SOUTHEY, Robert 1797 Bristol, Joseph Cottle, C. G., J. Robinson, Cadell and Davis
Letters of Colonel Sir Augustus Simon Frazer, K. C. B. FRAZER, Sir Augustus Simon 1859 Londres, Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans & Roberts
Letters on Portugal Anónimo 1778 Londres
Life, manners, costume and character of Portuguese Anónimo s.d. s.l.
Lisbon & Cintra INCHBOLD, A. C. 1907 [MCMVII] Londres, Chatto & Windus
Lisbon in the Years 1821, 1822 and 1823 BAILLIE, Marianne 1824 Londres, John Murray
Lusitanian Sketches of the Pen and Pencil KINGSTON, William Henry Giles 1845 Londres, John W. Parker
Madeira illustrated by __ PICKEN, Andrew 1842 Londres, Dr. J. Macaulay
Madeira its climate and scenery WHITE, Robert 1851 Londres, Cradock & Co.
Military Memoirs of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington SHERER, Moyle 1830 S.l., Longman
My Tour in Portugal GORDON, Helen Cameron 1932 Londres, Methuen
Narrative of a forced journey through Spain and Portugal BLANEY s.d. s.l.
Narrative of a voyage to Brazil LINDLEY, T. 1805 Lisboa, J. Johnson
Narrative of a voyage to Madeira, Teneriffe, and along the shores of the Mediterranean WILDE, W. R. M. R. J. A. 1840 Dublin, William Curry, Jun. and Company
Notes of a journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo TITMARSH, M. A. [W. M. Thackeray] s.d. (o prefácio é datado de 24.12.1845) Londres, G. RoutLedge & Sons Ld.
Notes on botanical tour in the Western Azores WATSON, H. C. 1843
On climate of the isle Madeira BLOXAM, Jas. Mackenzie 1855 Londres
Original letters of his Excellency Sir Richard Fanshaw FANSHAW, Richard [ou FANSHAWE] 1702 Londres, A. Roper and R. Basset at the Mitre*
Peninsular Sketches during a recent Tom MILFORD, John 1816 London, John Richardson, Royal Exchange, and J. Hatchard
Peninsular Sketches during a recent tour MILFORD, John 1816 Londres, John Richardson, Royal Exchange, and J. Hatchard
Personal memoirs and correspondence of Colonel Charles Shaw K. C. T. S., Ec. of the Portugueze [sic] service and late brigadier-general in the British auxiliary legion of Spain SHAW, Charles 1837 Londres, Henry Colburn
Personal Narrative of Adventures in the Peninsula during the war in 1812-1813 Anónimo 1827 Londres, John Murray
Portugal and Gallicia CARNARVON, Earl of 1836 Londres
Portugal being some account of Lisbon and its environs Anónimo s.d. Londres
Portugal Illustrated. KINSEY, William Morgan 1828 Londres, Trenttel, Würtz and Richter
Portugal in 1828 YOUNG, William 1828 Londres, Henry Colburn
Portugal; or the Young Travellers [LADY] Bertha? 1830 Londres, Harvey and Darton
Rambles in Madeira [LYALL, Alfred] 1827 Londres, C. & J. Rivington
Rambles in Madeira and in Portugal [LYALL, Alfredl] 1827 C. & J. Rivington
Random shots from a rifleman KINCAID, John 1835 Londres, s.n.
Recollections of the eventful life of a soldier DONALDSON, Joseph 1847 Edinburgh, Robert Martin
Recollections of the Peninsula [SHERER, Joseph Moyle] 1823 Londres, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown
Relato de uma viagem feita em Portugal Anónimo 1845
Reminiscences of a veteran: [BUNBURY, Thomas] 1861 Londres, Charles J. Skeep
Rough Leaves from a Journal Kept in Spain and Portugal BADCOCK, Lovell Benjamin 1835 Londres, Richard Bentley
Santarem [SMITH, John Gordon] 1832 Londres, Fisher, Son, & Co.
Seven years’ campaigning in the Peninsula and the Netherlands, from 1808 to 1815. HENEGAN, Richard 1846 Londres, Henry Colburn
Several years travels [BROMLEY, William] 1702 Londres, A. Roper* and W. Turner at Lincolns
Sketches in Portugal during the Civil War of 1834 ALEXANDER, James Edward 1835 Londres, James Cochrane and Co.
Sketches in the country, character and costume in Portugal and Spain BRADFORD, William 1809 Londres, John Booth
Sketches of Portuguese life, manners, costume and character A. P. D. G. 1826 Londres, Geo B. Whittaker
Sketches of Society and Manners in Portugal COSTIGAN, Arthur William s/d [1787] Londres, T. Vernor
The adventures of Captain John Patterson PATTERSON, John 1837 Londres, T. & W. Boone
The ancient and present state of Portugal STEVENS, John 1706 Londres, J. Nutt
The Bible in Spain BORROW, George 1843 Londres, John Murray
The Cities of Europe. Lisbon BATTY, Robert 1832 Londres, Moon Bays & Graves
The diary of an invalid MATTHEWS, Henry 1820 Londres, John Murray
The great earthquake at Lisbon DAVY, Charles 1832 Londres, Alfred H. Miles
The Journal of a Lady of Quality SCHAW, Janet 1939
The journal of Clarissa Trant: 1800-1832 TRANT, Clarissa 1925 Londres, John Lane T. Bodley
The Lisbon guide or an historical and descriptive view of the city of Lisbon and its environs Anónimo 1853 Lisboa, António Joaquim de Paula
The Lusitanian scenes and sketches in Portugal Anónimo 1844 Porto
The Modern Traveller Anónimo 1826 Londres, James Duncan
The Oliveira prize-essay on Portugal with the evidence regarding that country taken before a committee of the House of Commons in May, 1852; FORRESTER, Joseph James 1853 s.l., s.n.
The original journals of the campaigns in the Peninsula WELLINGTON 1815 Londres, T. Chaplin
The present state of Portugal and of the portuguese army HALLIDAY, Andrew 1812 Londres, G. R. Clarke
The private journal of F.S. Larpent LARPENT, F. S. [Francis Seymour] 1853 Londres, Richard Bentley (Publicação) Sir George Larpent, Bart. (Edição)
The recollections of Rifleman Harris as told to Henry Curling HARRIS, John 1985 Londres, Century Publishing
The Recollections of Rifleman Harris as told to Henry Curling HARRIS, John 1970
The romance of war GRANT, James 1847 Londres, Henry Colburn
The romance of war GRANT, James 1846 Londres, Henry Colburn
The Tagus and the Tiber; BAXTER, William Edward 1852 Londres, Richard Bentley
The Tourist in Portugal illustrated from paintings HARRISON, William Henry 1839 Londres, Robert Jennings
The world displayed Anónimo 1779 [MDCCLXXIX] Dublin
Tour through Spain and Portugal UDALAP s.d. s.l.
Traits and Tradition of Portugal PARDOE, Julia 1833 Londres, Saunders and Otley
Travels VARTHEMA, Ludovico di 1863 Londres
Travels in Brazil KOSTER, Henry 1817 Londres, Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, and Brown
Travels in Europe and Africa KEATINGE, Maurice 1816 s.l.
Travels in Portugal LATOUCHE, John [Oswald Crawfurd] 1875 Londres, Ward, Lock and Tyler
Travels in Portugal CHATELET, Duke of 1809 Londres
Travels in Portugal and through France and Spain LINK, Henry Frederick 1801 Londres, T.N. Longman and Orme and Rees
Travels in Portugal and through France and Spain [título do original: "Bemerkungen auf einer Reise durch Frankreich. Spanien, und vorzüglich Portugal", 1801-04] HINCKLEY, John 1801 Londres, Longman
Travels in Spain and Portugal Anónimo 1828 Dublin
Travels through Portugal and Spain GRAHAM, William 1820 Londres
Travels through Portugal and Spain in 1772 and 1773 TWISS, Richard 1775 [MDCCLXXV] Londres, G. Robinson, T. Becket and J. Robson
Travels through Portugal and Spain, during the Peninsular War GRAHAM, William 1820 Londres, Sir Richard Phillips and Co.
Travels through Portugal, Spain and Italy BROME, Jacques 1712 Londres
Travels through Several Provinces of Spain and Portugal, & C. CROKER, Richard 1799 Londres
Travels through Spain and part of Portugal Anónimo 1808 Londres, Richard Philips
Travels through Spain and part of Portugal [WHITTINGTON] 1808 Londres, Richard Phillips
Travels through Spain and Portugal in 1774 DALRYMPLE, William 1777 Dublin
Views of Cintra BURNETT, William H. 18- Londres, Josh Dickinson
Voyages to Portugal, Spain, Sicily, Malta, Asia Minor, Egypt, & c. & c. COLLINS, Francis 1807 Londres, W. Mantz
Voyages to the Madeira and the Leward Cariblese Isles in 1788 MARIA, R. 1792 Edinburgh


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