Call for papers

We invite submissions of abstracts for an edited collection describing actual ethical problems, and the related methodological issues, researchers encounter working with interactional data (interviews, video-audio recordings, ethnographic observation).

Title of the collection:
Ethics in social research: theoretical and methodological issues

Editors: Isabella Paoletti, Adriano Duarte Rodrigues and Isabel Tomás

Interested Publisher in the editorial project: Cambridge Scholars | link

Ethical issues are part of ordinary practices in conducting research, involving the collection of interactional data in a variety of disciplines. Established codes of practices and ethical committees define acceptable standards of conducts within the professions, but in fact the literature relating to ethics in social science research is relatively marginal.
The edit collection will present an empirical approach to the study of ethical problems in conducting social research. It will describe and discuss critically actual ethical problems, and relevant methodological issues, researchers encounter during all stages of research:

and from a variety of disciplinary perspectives using interactional data:

The contribution we seek will document actual ethical problems researchers were confronted with during the conduction of social research, and discuss critically the options that were adopted in the light of relevant literature. For example, in relation to interviews, we could have papers focusing on ethical issues in relation to the process of eliciting life history narratives, during in depth interviewing, in different disciplinary areas. Therefore, the contributions will highlight specific sensitiveness towards particular ethical issues, in different disciplinary and sub-disciplinary domains.

The contributions would also aim at describing in detail the methodological problem and solutions adopted by different authors in relation to specific ethical problems. For example, to guarantee anonymity of informants is a relevant ethical issue. How anonymizing is actually done? Which details of the talk have to be changed? What technical solutions have to be adopted with audio data, video data, transcripts?

In sum, the book will discuss theoretical as well as methodological issues related to ethical problems in conducting social research, using interactional data.

Abstract should be in English, 500 words; Papers should be in English, between 7000-10.000 words.
Authors whose native language is not English are asked to have their article carefully checked by a native speaker.
Authors should refer to the style sheet of Cambridge Scholars that is attached.

Time frame

  • Deadline for abstract proposals (500 words): 30th of January 2012
  • Communication of acceptance: 28 of February 2012
  • Submission of papers: 30th of June 2012

Abstracts should be submitted as e-mail attachments to the 3 editors:

  • Isabella Paoletti isap@fcsh.unl
  • Adriano Duarte
  • Isabel Tomas