CIME (Research Center for Electroacoustic Music)

CIME, located at Aveiro University, is a fully equipped laboratory of research in electroacoustic music composition and sound spatialization.

Created in 1993, this facility was renewed and enlarged in 1996. It is a pioneer centre of this kind in Portugal.

It's equipped with the latest technology, and its main aim is to provide composers and researchers a workspace and project development.

Internationally well-known, a number of important composers have regularly worked in this lab: Istvan Szigeti, Andres Lewin Richter, Ignacio Baca Lobera, Paul Rudy.

An electroacoustic music school of composition was created in this centre, counting with international prizes, regular participation in lectures, organization of concerts, etc.

Picture 5
Concert at the department of Communication and Art. In this concert several models of spatialization software developed by a doctoral student were tested in live performance.

A fully equipped laboratory of research in electroacoustic music composition, and sound spatialization.

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