The Revival of the Heritage of Traditional Expressive Culture in 20th Century Portugal

Salwa Castelo-Branco

FCT and Instituto Camões
ref: PLUS/CUL/1163 (1996-1999)

This project carried out multidisciplinary research on the revival of the heritage of traditional expressive culture in 20th century Portugal with special emphasis on music, dance and costumes. The project analyzed the process of folklorization and its impact. It also examined the impact of cultural politics, institutions, individuals and events on the configuration of models of representation of cultural heritage.

Vozes do Povo: A Folclorização em Portugal (book with 43 articles, 669 pags.)

Directory of Traditional Music Groups (5000 groups)

Portugal: Festivities Songs and Dances from Minho and Madeira (Double CD)

Dissertations and Articles

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