Towards a History of Fado

Para uma História do Fado

Rui Vieira Nery

Towards a History of Fado provides an understanding of fado as the emblematic musical genre of Lisbon. Departing from a dynamic perspective of fado as culture, the author constructs an interdisciplinary methodology that integrates historical and musical analysis, drawing on observation and personal experience, and taking into account social, political and cultural transformations. This book is the first attempt to analyze fado, integrating within the same analytical grid, concepts, political context, social processes, technologies, mass media, literary and musical product and the contribution of artists who influenced the genre. Fado is analyzed on the local, national, transnational (Portugal, Brazil and Africa) and global levels (World Music market since the 1990s).

Lisbon: Público, 2004

para uma história de fado

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