Tedance. Perspectivas sobre Dança em Expansão Tecnológica

Perspectives on Technologically Expanded Dance

Daniel Tércio (editor)

TeDance began as a project supported by the Foundation for Science and Technology. At its inception, it sought to establish connections between four areas - motion capture, augmented reality, character animation and choreography - an experimental and artistic perspective. In this book, the reader may find a set of texts by both Portuguese and foreign researchers and art critics, giving extra volume to the original frame. In fact, the reader will find the four mentioned areas not just as unambiguous vertices, but as attractors for traces of unequal intensities.

This book is not, however, a 'reader', but rather a contribution in order to to better understand the varying geometry of this cubic form that receives new additions in every moment. We believe that the body is at the center of this changing form. And this, in fact, is something that dance - perhaps more than any other performance art - never tires of reminding us.

Artigos e sinopses artísticas de:
Åsa Unander-Scharin
Aylin Kalem
Beliz Demircioglu
Bruno Costa
Daniel Tércio
Denis Poulin
Fernando Galrito
Fernando Nabais
Filipe Pais
Heather Raikes
João Samões
José Braz
Kirk Woolford
Kostas Daflos
Martine Époque
Mutin Association
Paula Varanda
Peter Holden
Rudolfo Quintas
Sarah Rubidge
Sophia Lycouris
Stephan Jürgens


Daniel Tércio (editor),
Tedance. Perspectivas sobre Dança em ExpansãoTecnológica.
Perspectives on Technologically Expanded Dance
Lisboa, FMH, 2009. 249 pp.
Paper plus DVD.
ISBN: 987-972-735-160-2
Preço: 25 euros

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