Hendrik van Twillert
Nome / Name
Hendrik van Twillert

Contacto profissional / Professional Contact
Endereço / Address
ESMAE – Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo
Rua da Alegria, 503
4000-045 Porto
Telefone: 22 519 37 60
Fax: 22 518 07 74

Telefone / Phone


Filiação Institucional
Departamento de Musica – Área de Sopros – ESMAE

Categoria ou actividade / Activity
Tutor Teacher - Saxophone

Formação Académica / Education
1982- Pedagogic Education – by Conservatorium van Amsterdam – The Music Faculty at the Amsterdamse voor Kunsten
1984 – Solo Diploma with distinction – by Conservatorium van Amsterdam – The Music Faculty at the Amsterdamse voor Kunsten

Investigação / Reseach
Domínio de especialização
Study of the differences and similarities in articulation, phrasing and direction between bowing (strings) and blowing (winds): Considering a transposed performance and interpretive guide of J.S. Bach’s Six Suites for Violoncello solo senza basso for Baritone Saxophone

Área de Interesse / Interest Área
Classic Music; Chamber Music; Baroque Music, Pedagogic Studies

Grupo de Investigação no INET-MD /INET-MD
Universidade de Aveiro – DeCa, Coordenação da Professora Doutora Susana Sardo

Projectos que orientou ou em que participou no INET-MD/ Projects

Projectos que orientou ou em que participou noutras instituições (breve descrição do projecto) / Projects in other institutions
1979: Created the Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet with Bart Kok
1980: Started to play in the Dutch trio “Metamorfose”
1985 - 1990: Guest player at the Dutch Radio Orchestras.
1990 – 1995: Guest player of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.
1996: Created the Amsterdam Soloist Quintet
1999: Initiated the Saxophone Class in the ESMAE
1999: Created and conducted the “Orquestra Portuguesa de Saxofones - OPS”
1999: Organize the first tour from the Orquestra Portuguesa de Saxofones in Holland, with the closing concert in the Royal Concertgebouw of Amsterdam.
2001: Organized the AveiroSax - 1st International Saxophone Festival in Aveiro.
2002: Played the Bach Cello Suites in the Big Hall of Concertgebouw and in the New York University
2003: Participation on the Riga festival (Latvia) together with Inessa Galante
2004: The ASQ played with Mariza and Carlos do Carmo for the Euro Football Champignon League
2006: Played on the closing gala concert of the Newport Music Festival in U.S. with the Colorado String Quartet as the first European Saxophone player.
2006: Played for the Royal Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix the cello suites of Bach. 2007: Play on the closing gala concert of the Newport Music Festival in America.
2008: The CD Cello suites of Bach get his world wide release and get mentioned on the 5th place in the top 10 in Japan.
2008- Participation on the Costa Rica Festival
2009- Participation on the Clarinet and Saxophone Festival Caracas
2009, 2010, 2011 – Organized the Sax week at ESMAE

Actividade Docente e Profissional/Academic Positions and Professional Activities
1982 – 1984: Music school Bloemendaal
1984 – 1996: Music school Amersfoort
1984 – 1986: Tutor teacher Conservatorium of Twente
1984 – 1996: Tutor teacher Music lyceum of Hilversum
1990 – Started to get invited by Fernando Valente, what resulted in the opening of the saxophone class in the ESMAE
1996 – 2008: Tutor Teacher Conservatorium of Amsterdam
1999 -: Present: Tutor teacher Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo, Porto

Outras Publicações/ Other´s publications


1982: Metamorfose
1996: Tango - A Tribute to Astor Piazzola with Sonja van Beek and Salzburg Chamber Soloist Quintet
1997: Hommage a Heitor Villa Lobos with the Amsterdam Soloist Quintet
1998: On Classical Tour with the Baritone Sax with the Italian pianist Gian Maria Bonino
2000: Suites for Cello Solo BWV 1007 - 1012 - Johann Sebastian Bach
2001: Fado Saudades with the Amsterdam Soloist Quintet and participation of Carlos do Carmo
2005: Confesso with Inesa Galante and the Amsterdam Soloist Quintet
2005: ED. 2 2000: Suites for Cello Solo BWV 1007 - 1012 - Johann Sebastian Bach

Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet - ASQ
1989: West Side Story
1990: Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet Modern
1991: Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet Classic
1991: Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet Contemporary
1994: West Side Story - ASQ and Jaap van Zweden
1998: Rhapsody in Blue, G. Gershwin - ASW and Daniel Wayenberg
2003: Duke Ellington Revisited Saxophones

2003: Orquestra Portuguesa de Saxofones – Les Coulers du Diable
2008: Vento do Norte – Adagio for Saxophones
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Outros Projectos
In his professional career, Henk van Twillert, by him self and with the Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet give master Class and concerts around the world, since China until Cuba, passing for different places in Europe.
He participated in different festivals and projects, like the participation on the FISP Palmela and in the “El Sistema” Project in Venezuela, that the goal is take children’s from the street and teach music.
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