Judith Cohen

Dr. Judith R. Cohen
751 Euclid Avenue, Toronto, Canada M6G 2V3

Contract Faculty, Adjunct Graduate Faculty: York University Music Department
Alan Lomax Collection: General Editor, Spanish Series, Association for Cultural Equity, NYC
Medieval music curriculum development, Ontario schools
Occasional teaching : français, ESL, español, português: Toronto Board of Education.
Free-lance: Consultant; research
Performer; Lectures/Conférences/démonstrations; school programmes:
Medieval; traditional: Judeo-Spanish, Yiddish, Spain, Portugal, France, French Canada, Balkans.
Instruments: voice; medieval bowed vielle, oud, dulcimer, traditional percussion, recorders
Fieldwork: Spain, Portugal, Canada, U.S.A., Israel, Morocco, Turkey, Greece


Ph.D. Musicologie (Ethnomusicologie), Université de Montréal 1989
M.A. Sciences médiévales, Université de Montréal 1980
B.F.A. Distinction, Music, Concordia University, Montréal 1975
B.Ed. University of Toronto , 1996 (Secondary French, English)
DELE Advanced Spanish Proficiency, Instituto Cervantes, 2003
T.E.S.L. Certificate, CCLCS, Toronto, 1994
B.A. Honours English, McGill University, Montréal 1971

American Folklore Society, Canadian Society for Traditional Music/ Société Canadienne pour les Traditions Musicales (Vice-President: Francophone; Past President), Canadian Women’s Studies Association, Folklore and Ethnography Studies Association of Canada/Association Canadienne pour l’étude de l’éthnographie, Iberian Ethnomusicology Society, International Council of Traditional Music (Canadian representative), American Federation of Musicians (Canadian branch), Society for Ethnomusicology, Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies; European Association for Jewish Studies, Ontario Folk Dance Association: Board member.

York University: Early music and ethnomusicology, part-time, 1990-present
McMaster University, Hamilton, 2003
Wilfrid Laurier University, 1999
University of Toronto, Balkan Vocal Ensemble Instructor, 1988-95
University of Extremadura, Cáceres, Spain,
Visiting Faculty, spring 2000-2004
Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Visiting Lecturer, 1993
Toronto District School Board
1986-1990: Recorder instructor
Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, 1983-88: medieval music
Concordia University
1977-1981: Part-time Faculty

Fellow. Kluge Foundation / Library of Congress Alan Lomax Collection 2011
Maurice Amado Research Foundation,
Sephardic and peninsular Spanish music,2002-3
York University travel and research grants: 1996-2009
SSHRC Research Grant 1998-2001; 2003 Sephardic Music in Spain: change, innovations
Spanish Embassy Sephardic Music in Spain, fellowship, April-June 2000
Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, New York, 1998-9
(Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada), Fellowships, 1990-1992; 1982-3,
Ontario Arts Council, Ventures Fund, multicultural music education,1992; Artists in Education 1995-96
Canada Council, Artists grants: 1992-3; 1993-4, 1997-8
(Québec), Graduate Fellowships, 1983-85, 1978-80.

Doctoral dissertation:
1989a Judeo-Spanish Song in the Sephardic Communities of Montreal and Toronto, Ph.D. Dissertation, Université de Montréal, UMI #8918229.
Master’s thesis :
Le Rôle des Femmes-Musiciennes dans l'Espagne Médiévale dans les Communautés Chrétienne, Juive et Musulmane, Université de Montréal, UMI #1319039.
2012a “An elusive hybridity: medieval Iberian musical interactions and myths”, in B. Catlos and S. Kinoshata, eds. Lectures from the NEH Seminar Cultural Hybridities in the Medieval Mediterranean, University of California Santa Cruz, in preparation.
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Medieval and Early Modern Performance in the Eastern Mediterranean. Brepols. In press.
2012c “A Bosnian Sephardic Woman on a Canadian First Nations Reserve, and her observations on music.” In Jasmina Talam, ed.
Acts of the Musicology Conference, Sarajevo 2010. In preparation.
2012e « ‘Will he remember the graceful doe’ ? Women singers and poets in Al-Andalus and beyond 
» In Al-Andalus and its Jewish Diasporas: Musical Exodus. Acts of the ICTM Mediterranean Study Group conference, Cambridge, UK. ed. Ruth Davis. Scarecrow Press. In preparation.
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Contemporary Sephardic Identity in the Americas: A Collection of Interdisciplinary Studies. In press.
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Mise en scène des territoires musicaux : tourisme, patrimoine et performance. 325-38.
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2011e “Contrafactum in Judeo-Spanish Song.”
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Ey m’aca: Cantigas of Alfonso X in non-specialist contexts.”Performance Online.In press.
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2002-8. Notes and introductions, CD booklets, Spain Series, Alan Lomax Collection, Rounder Records
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 History of Jews and Muslims conference. Évora, Portugal
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