Simon Frith

Formação Académica/ Education
Balliol College, Oxford
BA (lst Class Honours) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics) (1967)
University of California, Berkeley MA (1969) and Ph.D (1976) in Sociology

Actividade Docente e Profissional/Academic Positions and Professional Activities
1972-1987 Warwick University Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Sociology.

University of Strathclyde Professor and Co-Director of the John Logie Baird Centre for Research in Film, Television and Music.
Professor of English Studies (Department Chair, 1989-1993).
Vice-Dean, Research and Postgraduates, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, 1990-96.

Stirling University Professor of Film and Media Studies

University of Edinburgh Tovey Professor of Music

Visiting chairs in the Graduate School of Communications
, McGill University (1987); Society of Humanities, Cornell University (1991); Faculty of Arts, Carleton University (1992); Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, Stockholm University (1994); Department of Music and Centre for Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Studies, Aarhus University (1996); Department of Music, University of Bologna (2000).

Economic and Social Research Council Director, Media Economics and Media Culture Research Programme.

Publicações seleccionadas/ Selected Publications


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Relatórios de investigação/Research Reports

1. (with A.Kelly),
Directory of Music Projects, National Federation of Music Projects/Gulbenkian, 1987, 120pp.

2. (with D.Horn),
Popular Music Research in British Higher Education, IASPM (UK), 1990.

Popular Culture, a discussion document for the Arts Council of England and the Scottish Arts Council, 1991, 25pp.

Mapping The Music Industry in Scotland (with M.Cloonan and J.Williamson) for Scottish Enterprise, 2003.

Review of Caber Music (the Scottish jazz label) for Caber and the Scottish Arts Council, 2005.

Outras Publicações/Other Publications

Since 1970 I have written extensively about popular music in various newspapers, magazines, journals, yearbooks and anthologies, notably the
Rock File series, which I edited with Charlie Gillett. In the 1970s I was an editor of the pioneering British rock magazine, Let It Rock and a columnist for New Society, New Statesman, and Melody Maker in Britain and for Creem and the New York Rocker in the USA. (Much of this material is now available on the web archive, Rock’s Backpages.) I was rock critic of the Sunday Times from 1982-1986, and the Observer from 1987-1991, and a music columnist for the New York Village Voice from 1980-1995, and the Scotsman from 1997-2000. I wrote and presented the South Bank Show on Rough Trade Records in 1980, and I have been a regular contributor to BBC Radio 3, Radio 4, and Radio Scotland arts programmes since then, among other things researching and scripting 'Music and Mojo' for the Radio 3 series Twentieth Century Music. Settling the Score, broadcast in June, 1998.

I was consultant on popular music coverage for the latest edition of the
Encyclopaedia Britannica and wrote the core entry on Rock Music.

I contributed the entries on ‘Youth’ and ‘Generation’ to Tony Bennett, Larry Grossberg and Meaghan Morris ed:
New Keywords: A Revised Vocabulary of Culture and Society (Blackwell, 2005)

Publicações no prelo/Publications in Press
Unpublished Papers

1. 'Media Education, Music Education: What Do We Need to Know?’ Keynote Address, Conference on
Teaching Popular Music, Institute of Education, London, May 2000.

2. ‘The Problem of Choice’, British Academy for the Advancement of Science,
Festival of Science, Glasgow, September 2001; Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia March 2005.

3. ‘Why are the Irish more musical than the Scots?’ Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies
Popular Culture and National Identity seminar series, Aberdeen University, October 2003

4. ‘Where does cultural theory come from?’
Experts’ Workshop on Current Trends in Cultural Policy Research, Centre for Cultural Policy Research, Glasgow University, November 2003.

5. ‘The Death of Music’, AHRC Postgraduate Conference on Birth, Marriage and Death, Stirling University on May 2005.

6. ‘The myth of the producer’,
First Art of Production Conference, University of Westminster, September 2005.

7. ‘What does the producer do? Towards an analysis of classical music production’,
Second Art of Production Conference, University of Edinburgh, September 2006.

8. ‘Can music progress? Reflections on the history of popular music’,
Evolutions, international postgraduate conference hosted by the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh, September 2006.

Outras Actividades/ Other Activities


Editor of Popular Music (1979-1996); New Formations (1986-1997); Critical Quarterly (1987- ); Screen (1989- ).

I am presently on the Editorial Advisory Boards of
Chapter and Verse (internet journal of music and literature); Cultural Studies and Critical Methodology; Ethnomusicology Forum; European Journal of Cultural Studies; Journal for the Study of British Culture; Music, Sound and the Moving Image; New Media and Society; New Formations; Parallax; Popular Communication; Popular Music; Popular Musicology Online; and Product (Scottish cultural magazine).

Participação em comités, afiliações/ Committees

Member of the Advisory Board of the National Sound Archive 1983-1997.

Chairman of the
National Federation of Music Projects, 1986-89.

Chairman of the
International Association for the Study of Popular Music, 1989-93

Member of the Board of Directors of
New Music World/Ten Day Weekend, organisers of various musical seminars, performances and events in Glasgow, 1990-1999

Member of the Advisory Board/Board of Directors of the
National Centre for Popular Music, Sheffield, 1991-1999.

Member of the Management Board of the Liverpool University
Institute of Popular Music, 1996-98

Member of the Steering Committee, European Science Foundation Programme,
Changing Media--Changing Europe, 1999-2004.

Associate Advisor for the
British Council in the fields of media studies, film studies, cultural studies, journalism studies and popular music studies, 2000- .

Chair of the Management Committee,
AHRB Research Centre for British Film and Television Studies, 2000-2005.

Chair of the
Scottish Arts Council Creative Scotland Awards Panel, 2000-1.

Member of
SPAN, Scottish Popular Music Academic Network, 2001-

Chair of the Advisory Committee,
Musicworks, the international music and media industry seminar, Glasgow 2002-5.

Chair of the Advisory Committee, Glasgow University
Centre for Cultural Policy Research, 2002- .

Member of the
AHRC Strategic Advisory Group, 2004- .

Member of the
AHRC Peer Review College, 2004- .

Member of the Academic Advisory Board of CHARM,
AHRC Research Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music, 2004- .

Member of Sub-Panel 67 (Music)

I have been Chairman of the Judges of the Mercury Music Prize since it was launched in 1992