Creation, Theory and Music Technologies

Isabel Soveral

List of researchers

- Carrying out fundamental research on music composition, theory, analysis and music technologies
- Exploring new methodologies with the aim of providing theoretical perspectives on contemporary art music
- Analysing systematically contemporary music, specially music that is not yet formulated as analytical models (for example, electroacoustic music)
- Developing new technological tools for composition, analysis and teaching
- Promoting the study and dissemination of contemporary music
- Developing new creative models and apply them to composition
- Carrying out research on new music technologies through which new concepts and tools can be explored that can be applied in music composition, especially electroacoustic music

Research themes:
- Composition
Composition as the result of artistic and scientific research is one of the main goals of this group. All members of this group keep regular activity as composers

- Music technology
The application of music technology in the field of composition (e.g. electroacoustic music, spatialization of sound), education or analysis, is another priority of this group

- Analysis and theory
The development of new analytical methods and theoretical models. Production of education and learning materials


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