Ethnocoreology and Cultural Studies on Dance

Daniel Tércio

List of researchers

- To conduct fundamental documentation and research on traditional and theatrical dance
- To investigate and propose new theoretical perspectives in dance studies
- To test and develop different methods of collecting and analyzing data related to dance
- To survey existing audio-visual documentation on contemporary dance
- To build an extensive audiovisual archive of dance forms within the Portuguese context
- To systematically analyze dance patterns within dance rhythmic structures
- To examine creative work and aesthetic reception in dance
- To propose the former research endeavors as tools for professionals in the field of performing arts, dance, education and community work

Research Themes:
-Traditional Dance
What are the perspectives that can be gained from studying traditional dance as performance and as a social process?

-Dance and Music Iconography
How can we contribute with new tools in the analysis of dance and music iconography?

-Reception, Dance Criticism and ‘New Media’
What is the relationship between performers and audience response? What are the changes that are introduced by ‘new media’ into the stage and performing bodies?

-Post-colonial Processes in Dance
How do current dance forms in Portuguese speaking countries reflect their post-colonial trajectories, the forces of tradition, globalization and the construction of new identities?

-Dance Therapies
How can expressive movement therapies promote mental health, social inclusion and self development? What are the appropriate theoretical basis and methodologies for dance therapies?

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