Performance Studies

Jorge Salgado Correia

List of researchers

- To map out the performance process from a multidisciplinary perspective
- To study the teaching and learning of performance skills by developing body and body movement awareness
- To investigate “listening behaviour”, musical meaning and music
communication, focusing on musical appreciation, perception and cognition
- To investigate the body and mind of the performer from a physiological
and/or psychological perspective
- To rethink musical meaning and musical communication as socio-emotional
phenomena by integrating performers’ reflexive views and approaches to meaning production
- To create and develop new performance techniques, expressives ressources and new musical solutions for the different music styles, from medieval to contemporary music

Research Themes:
- Understanding Performance through Reflexive Analysis: Performers-as-researchers
- Enhancing expertise through the development of practical intelligence and tacit knowledge
- Musical Reception: musical perception and cognition.investigating listening behaviour and musical meaning within historical, psychological, physiological, sociological and philosophical frameworks.
- Musical performance as meaning production: investigating performer's working procedures when creating a musical performance
- New Approaches to music performance, by promoting opportunities for performers and composers working together, using the Performa Ensemble as a Performance Laboratory




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