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INET-Instituto de Etnomusicologia was founded in 1995 by Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas with the goal of carrying out multidisciplinary research on music from the perspective of ethnomusicology.

Throughout its trajectory, the Institute has expanded its research domains and activities, carrying out joint projects with scholars and institutions in Portugal and abroad. Taking into account the need to consolidate ongoing collaboration, create new synergies and expand research domains and activities, INET has been reorganized and renamed INET-MD (Ethnomusicology Institute - Research Center in Music and Dance).


- 2007:
Creation, Theory and Music Technologies and
Performance Studies
- 2005:
Western Art Music from the Perspective of Cultural Studies
- 2003:
Ethnocoreology and Cultural Studies on Dance
- 1995: INET is founded at the FCSH-UNL
The first unit researching music in Portugal
Disciplinary focus on


The Scientific Council is constituted by all integrated Ph.D. scholars. It defines the unit’s scientific strategy, oversees its activities, approves its statutes, admits new scholars, research groups and their coordinators, elects the coordinator and Board of Directors, and nominates the members of the Advisory Board. The Board of Directors, constituted by a coordinator for each of the unit’s branches, manages the unit’s activities and funding, carries out fundraising and assures the unit’s smooth functioning. Each research group is headed by an integrated Ph.D. scholar who reports to the Scientific Council. The collaboration between the unit’s branches is regulated through a protocol. An Advisory Board of specialists in the unit’s research areas evaluates the unit on an annual basis.

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Specific objectives

Research and training

- To carry out multidisciplinary research and training on music and dance
- To stimulate musical creation resulting from research on music technologies
- To develop research in areas recently integrated in the university curriculum in Portugal: popular music studies, performance studies, dance, composition, and audiovisual archiving

INET-MD has given special importance to the training of Ph.D students and post-doctoral scholars.


To develop audiovisual archiving and related research, using cutting edge technologies, digitizing techniques and archiving procedures, the only resource of its kind in Portugal.


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